Mangomiro II

A 100% handmade, mango wood of Indian origin mirror. Finish – antique white. Different variants are available on demand.

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A mirror is not only an accessory for your interior – it is a practical piece of furniture that performs various functions. It reflects the light, illuminating and optically enlarging the space. It decorates and defines the style of the room where it is placed. You can check how you look in it, fix your make-up and hairstyle. This magnificent mirror was made of Mangifera indica, which is appreciated for its beautiful ash white colour and density.   It can decorate a living room or a bedroom, as well as a store or other kind of business premises, attracting the customer’s attention.  Its unique shape refers to the interiors of oriental palaces. It is suitable for vintage boho or wabi-sabi styles. In modern spaces it will introduce an atmosphere of eclecticism, bringing distant travels to your mind. The mirror was additionally whitewashed and abraded, which gives it an antique touch.



Width 149cm
Depth 5cm
Height 149cm

Material of workmanship

Mangifera indica (mango tree)

Country of Origin



100% hand-made

MANGO TREE (Mangifera indica)

Due to the fact that Mangifera indica can be processed easily, we can achieve almost a jewelry-like ornamentation. The furniture looks delicate, and yet it is extremely durable, waterproof and solid. The mango wood looks rustical thanks to its coarse texture. It is either grey with a goldish tint or greenish-brown. Mangifera indica can grow up to 40 meters high and can be cut only after it produced fruit for the last time. Logging does not disturb the balance of the forest – after the old trees are cut, new ones are planted. Sustainable forest management exerts a positive impact on nature as well as the local community by providing work and thus influencing economy.


Our furniture is intended for internal use only. The wood they are made of has been subjected to special drying processes. Depending on such factors as humidity, temperature or the way the furniture is used, deformations or cracks may occur on them, due to the continuous “work” of wood. To protect them from damage and excessive wear, and increase their life, you should follow a few caution and maintenance rules:
– do not use sprays, detergents or silicone wax on the furniture surface
– use cleaning agents for varnished furniture, as well as delicate sponges and cloths for cleaning
– always wipe furniture dry
– do not place hot or cold dishes directly on the countertop
– use pads when you write or otherwise physically affect the surface of the wood
– do not place furniture near heat sources such as radiators, stoves or an oven
– keep the room at an optimal temperature between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius and humidity of 45-65%


No matter how many Unlimited Furniture Delivery items you place in a single order, we provide home delivery service for a €129 flat-rate fee. This includes delivery to your room of choice, unpacking, assembly (excluding mirrors and hanging furniture).

If you prefer to receive your items as they become available, please contact our furniture specialists after submitting your order:


  1. Marika

    duże, solidnie wykonane lustro. Prezentuje się fantastycznie!

  2. Katarzyna

    Lustro przyciąga uwagę każdego! Lustro jest świetną ozdobą pomieszczenia, a dzięki swoim rozmiarom – znacznie rozjaśnia.

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