Car bar

Car bar is made 100% by hand from the back of the old car, which has been properly dismantled and converted into a piece of furniture


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What is going on here? Does creativity know any limits? Looking at this piece of furniture, you feel sure that it is limitless – the designer went crazy and so the body of an unused car found its new role. The interior of this drink cabinet is made of reclaimed wood. What a cool, heavyweight object! Where this Car Bar would find its place? In the limelight of a living room which owners love to surprise, in a designer café or a club. Everywhere where creativity, the spirit of the times and nonchalance in combining the old with the new is appreciated. The copper colour of the car body makes this cabinet look like a piece of jewellery. It is an example of retro urban style, perfect for a collector of objects with a soul. The abrasions and traces of material use only add to its authenticity.



Width 168cm
Depth 72cm
Height 80cm


150 kg

Country of Origin



Metal + Reclaimed wood


Our furniture is intended for internal use only. The wood they are made of has been subjected to special drying processes. Depending on such factors as humidity, temperature or the way the furniture is used, deformations or cracks may occur on them, due to the continuous “work” of wood. To protect them from damage and excessive wear, and increase their life, you should follow a few caution and maintenance rules:
– do not use sprays, detergents or silicone wax on the furniture surface
– use cleaning agents for varnished furniture, as well as delicate sponges and cloths for cleaning
– always wipe furniture dry
– do not place hot or cold dishes directly on the countertop
– use pads when you write or otherwise physically affect the surface of the wood
– do not place furniture near heat sources such as radiators, stoves or an oven
– keep the room at an optimal temperature between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius and humidity of 45-65%


No matter how many Unlimited Furniture Delivery items you place in a single order, we provide home delivery service for a €129 flat-rate fee. This includes delivery to your room of choice, unpacking, assembly (excluding mirrors and hanging furniture).

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