A new company on the furniture market with an unconventional approach to its trade. We would like to introduce you to the highest quality products. The authenticity and nobility of our range is addressed to all who value their individuality and self-expression also through the interior design.

Piasecki Design is a story of love – for nature, travel and beauty. We look for inspiration for our wooden furniture projects primarily during trips to various parts of the globe. It is from them that we bring fresh ideas that we transform into realizations. One of the key destinations is India, which is a mosaic of cultures, traditions and beliefs. They delight us constantly and there we placed furniture manufacture in an exotic style.

Each piece of furniture in our offer is unique because it has not experienced the view of the production line. Furnitures are being made by hands.



Contemporary architecture is characterized by diversity, playing with form and going beyond schemes. By combining different aesthetics, they guarantee the most interesting compositions. This will not be missing in our furniture.


To get our material we make every effort and layers of patience, because all the best takes time, we recover wood emphasizing its advantages and character.


The use of this raw material was the key to success. Easy to process, but solid and durable, it gives a subtle look to the rooms.

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